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Day 157 – 9/18/13

0.7 Million to Katahdin

Last night was a rough one on my ability to sleep.  Sleeping on top of Mt. Success, exposed to the elements with no trees to guard us from the 50 mph wind gusts and the brightness of the full moon, my tent flapped violently almost constantly through the night.  Since my tarptent is open, only enclosed with a flimsy screen around the bottom to keep the bugs out, the cold wind blew into my dwelling place, keeping my feet on the verge of numbness all night.  I had a difficult time staying comfortable due to the cold, the sound of the thin fabric whipping in the wind, and the sunlight reflecting off the moon like a spotlight shining directly onto me.

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Forward to Maine

Day 156 – 9/17/13

Miles in/remaining: 1,902/283.7

0.7 Million to Katahdin

Indy, Voice, and I left the White Mountain Hostel this morning to make our mad dash into the very last state through which the Appalachian Trail travels.  Here we come, Maine!  The trail ends at Mt. Katahdin, Maine, about 300 miles away.  On one hand, I’m very excited about being that close to the finish line, but I’m also dreading having to hike another 300 miles.  I’m pretty well over this by now.  Granted, New Hampshire presented some of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen in my life, and I hear Maine is just as cool, if not cooler.  But I’ve been hearing way too often lately that Western Maine (or Southern Maine – however you want to look at it) is actually more difficult than the Whites. 

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The Southside of Wildcat and Voice’s birthday at White Mountain Hostel

1) looking up at Mt. Washington

2) The view East from the Southside of Wildcat

3) Singing our Henry Bigglesworth song

4) The last time I would see most of these guys, celebrating Voice’s birthday

brianwilliamgreen asked:

are you doing the trip alone? do you find it hard im thinking about leaving in 2014 but am worry about doing it alone. is there a good time to start to not need winter gear?

Sorry for the late response.  Are you still planning to do it?  Maybe you’ve set out already.  

To answer your question, yes, I did it alone.  I mean, I met tons of people along the way, but I got a late start (May 8th), so I was definitely behind the “bubble” of hikers.  I was with one or more other hikers maybe half of the time, but the other half hiking alone was way too much hiking time to be alone.  If you leave around March or April you’ll pretty much always be around other hikers.  You may even find a group to stick with.  

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